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How To Enhance Items Past Level 3 In Dragon’s Dogma 2

Enhancing items greatly increases their efficacy but the limit is usually level 3. In this guide we’ll show you how you can upgrade your equipment past level 3, reaching a new level 4 threshold, that offers some of the biggest bonuses in the game.

Every Blacksmith in Dragon’s Dogma belongs to a specific style of the trade. When you are visiting a Blacksmith, under the Enhance menu, look at the information at the top of the screen. This will tell you the Blacksmith’s style and the pros and cons of that particular style.

For example, Enhancing your equipment with a Battahli Blacksmith has a greater effect on Strength and Defense but a weaker impact on Magick and Magick Defense

Where To Find Wyrmfire Dragonforge

A map showing players Where To Find Wyrmfire Dragonforge so they can Enhance items to level 4

You want to seek out the Bay Wayside Shrine, which can be found North East of the capital city, Bakbattahl. Following the North Eastern path out of the city, along the coast, you will eventually reach the Bay Wayside Shrine cave. Speak with The Dragonforged inside and he will explain the potency of Dragon Blood.

You can use Wyrmslife Crystals (WLC) to trade for items, such as Portcrystal’s and Ferrystones, but it can also be used to Enhance equipment.

Using this Blacksmith at the Bay Wayside Shrine allows you to bring Enhanced items already at level 3 and take them up to level 4. This halves the weight and greatly increases the efficacy of the item, so it’s a very rewarding system.

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