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How To Cook Food In Dragon’s Dogma 2

Cooking Provides Vital Buffs & Bonuses To Your Party - Here's How

Dragon’s Dogma 2 is a challenging RPG game, so you want every bonus you can find. This guide on how to cook food in Dragon’s Dogma 2 explains how the cooking system works, highlights the different foods you can cook, and explains the benefits of cooking food in the game.

How To Cook Food In Dragon’s Dogma 2

Food can be cooked at a number of locations. The location you are likely to use the most often is when you setup a camp whilst exploring the wilderness. To setup a camp you first need to have the Camping Kit item and then, when you are exploring the world, look for the remnants of camps in the world.

These are typically small clearings with a smoldering firepit at the center. Approach the firepit and use the Camping Kit to create a camp. Once the camp has been setup you can then approach the fire. You will see a small lump of meat on the side of the fire, this is the interaction point. Get close enough to that and follow the on-screen prompt to begin cooking.

If the small lump of meat is not there and you cannot interact with the campfire, it’s because you have no food that is able to be cooked in your inventory.

What Food Can Be Cooked

An image showing what food can be cooked in Dragon's Dogma 2

Almost all of the foods you will be cooking in Dragon’s Dogma 2 are raw meat items. These are items such as Scrag of Beast or Aged Scrag of Beast. These are just two of the raw meat items you will discover during the early hours of the game, but there are lots more as you progress and explore new regions.

When you opening the cooking menu, the game automatically highlights all of the ingredients you have that can be cooked. Simply navigate through the list of ingredients to understand what food can be cooked and the benefits it provides.

What Are The Benefits Of Cooking Food

An image showing the buffs and benefits provided by cooking food in Dragon's Dogma 2

Typically, when you are eating in the open-world area, you will restore health or stamina. The food you prepare and cook at a fire offers a different benefit as it directly buffs your various attributes. For example; Scrag of Beast is a very common raw meat item you can find early in the game.

Cooking this at a campfire and then consuming it provides a Strength+++, Defense+++, and Stamina+++ buff for the entire party. These stat changes are huge and really help navigate the risky and dangerous world of Dragon’s Dogma 2.

Once you have consumed the food, you will see a series of icons above your characters health bar, depicting the different bonuses currently active.

Where To Find Food To Cook

An image showing an animal to kill for raw food you can cook in Dragon's Dogma 2

One of the best sources of raw meat, food you can cook, are the natural inhabitants of the forest. Deer, boar, and other wildlife will drop meat 100% of the time. It’s less common on aggressive animals, such as Wolves, but it can also be found on the remains of humanoid enemies, like Goblins.

Make sure to have food ready to be cooked at every campfire, the buffs and bonuses cooked food offers is a massive boon to your adventure.

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