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Where To Find Gwyfencha In Dragon’s Dogma 2

Dorieann of Arborheart tasks you with finding a rare material to aid the great tree. This guide on Where To Find Gwyfencha In Dragon’s Dogma 2 tells you what you must do in order to find the more common name for the item in The Ailing Arborheart quest so you can locate it and bring it back.

This is a quest that’s part of the quest chain in the Elven town of Sacred Arbor. You obtain the quest by speaking with Dorieann after having complete the quest of her brother Glyndwr, A Trial of Archery.

In elf tongue, the item you require is called Gwyfencha. However, not knowing the word for it in the native language makes it difficult to track down, so that’s your first objective.

Seek Out A More Common Name For Gwyfencha

Seek Out A More Common Name For Gwyfencha

The actual name of the item you are looking for is called scalecinder. In order to learn its name you need to follow the main story until you have access to the Battahl region. Once there, head to the very South East corner of the region and you will discover Drabnir’s Grotto.

Fight your way through the grotto and once you get to the other side, you will see an injured dwarf on the road. Speak with him to start a side quest. It’s a simple enough quest. Grab some flowers to help remedy his back pain and then escort him to his house.

Once there, speak with him again and offer to escort him to the Hot Springs. Once you arrive there, you will complete the quest.

You then return to the dwarfs house and speak with him about Gwyfencha. He will tell you of its true nature and then advises you to seek out any Blacksmith in Battahl.

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