Review Policy

Gamers Heroes has been an independent website in the gaming space since conception in 2010. As such, the trust and relationship with you, our community, is of paramount importance.

In this Review Policy Page we break down our official review policy so you understand everything you need to know about our review process.


The final score you view on any review is exactly that, the final score given to the game by the reviewer that played the game. The only person authorized to finalize a review score is the editor that played the game.

No other member of the Gamers Heroes team has any authorization to edit, change, or influence the final review score of any game.

None of our editors have any connection to monetization, advertising, or sponsorships featured within reviews or anywhere else on the Gamers Heroes website. Our monetization, ads provided by PubNation, is managed by a third party and no member of the team has any involvement in takeovers or direct ad campaigns.

To put it simply. Any review you read on Gamers Heroes is the honest opinion of the editor that wrote the review, free of pressures from management, advertising, or any other external factors.


Relationships in the video-game industry rely heavily on trust, with important information often held under NDA and legally binding agreements regarding coverage commonplace. As such, it’s important to maintain friendly but professional relationships with developers, publishers, and members of public relations.

Any editor assigned to review a game will not have any direct relationship with anyone involved in its development, marketing, or release, outside of industry norms. In the event that this is not possible, the game will not be reviewed.

It is our promise to our community that the trust between reviewer and reader is paramount and will not be sacrificed, to any degree, any under circumstances.

We do not feature affiliate links or promote sales of individual products in any of our reviews, news articles, or guides. We understand this is normal in this industry but it’s something we have chosen not to do.


We aim to be as transparent as possible with every review we publish. At the end of each review is a feature box that lists various facts and information about the game, as well as important details about our review process.

It is common practice within the gaming industry for developers, publishers, and members of public relations to provide access to games prior to release, so that customers can be as informed as possible before making a purchase.

This is not guaranteed and varies from website to website, but when we are fortunate enough to have received access to a game through these channels, it is clearly displayed in this feature box on whether a digital code or physical copy was provided, purchased, or rented.

While we strive to be as objective as possible in our game reviews, opinions will often vary. As such, we try to include curated links to alternative reviews from sources we trust and value. Sometimes will we feature a review purely for a polarizing perspective, but they will always be from reputable sources.

We typically try to feature smaller or lesser known outlets as we want to add more voices into the conversation, not merely amplify those that already exist.

Mistakes Are Made

Nobody is perfect, mistakes will be made. Every editor at Gamers Heroes strives to be as fair and accurate as possible in the reporting of news and other hot industry topics.

In the event that a mistake or error makes the final print, once corrected, the original information will remain on the page and a correction made either at the top of the article or where the error was initially reported.

If you have any questions, comments, or concerns, please feel free to reach out to one of the team on the Gamers Heroes Discord.

For more information, be sure to check out our official scoring policy and detailed articles on each of our reviewers, Blaine Smith, Ryan Flickema, and Casey Scheld.