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Blaine Smith has been playing video-games since 1990. Starting his journey on the Spectrum, piling countless hours into 180 Darts and Rex, and continuing through to the latest generation of consoles.

Playing such a broad variety of games, dating back to sprites and 2D graphics to modern-day 3D masterpieces, gives Blaine an in-depth understand of puzzle mechanics, boss battles, side quests, all of the popular elements of today’s industry that have been developed over the years.

This puts Blaine in a prime position to understand the nuances of mechanics in today’s industry.

If you were to ask Blaine about the golden era of gaming, it would be the Nintendo 64 era. Golden Eye, WWF No Mercy, Perfect Dark, just some of the titles atop Blaine’s list of best games of the times.

Blaine started freelance writing around 2005 before getting into the gaming industry around 2008. Then, in 2010 and alongside Ryan Flickema, he founded Gamers Heroes.

In that time, Blaine has written over 4,200 articles on Gamers Heroes, reviewed over 200 games, and was written over 3,700 game guides for every major video-game release in the last 15 years.

Blaine At Gamers Heroes

Blaine has been the Editor-In-Chief at Gamers Heroes since 2010, managing the overall running of the website and editorial direction. In 2021, Blaine was awarded the Silver Play Button by YouTube for reaching 100,000 Subscribers.

As well as video editing, publishing, and marketing, Blaine is also responsible for community management, publisher and developer relations, website maintenance & design, advertising, and content strategy.

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Blaine spends much of his time engaging with the Gamers Heroes and wider gaming community on X. Outside general conversation, Blaine invests a lot of time in helping to fact-check various claims and statements made in the industry.

Blaine has had multiple viral Tweets (1, 2, 3, 4) correcting misinformation on Twitter, totaling over 2.5 million views.

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Final Fantasy VII Rebirth Review – Saying Goodbye To An Old Friend

My time through Final Fantasy VII Rebirth was profound. In one moment I was relishing in the opportunity to learn more about a world and characters I have loved for nearly 30 years. In the next, I was mourning the passing of principles and ideas that represent the very foundation of my love for the RPG genre and the Final Fantasy franchise as a whole. Final Fantasy VII Rebirth marks the very best in class across practically every element of game design for the Final Fantasy franchise, but I still couldn’t help but feel I was bidding farewell to an old friend.

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RoboCop Rogue City Review

RoboCop Rogue City pays homage to its source material like no other. A faithful recreation of a beloved character and world over 30 years in the making. At its core, it’s a fantastic over-the-top 80s action shooter but dig a little deeper and you’ll find a dark, dystopian tale of man and machine more relevant today than it ever was before.

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