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Mecha BREAK Closed Beta Impressions

Lightning-fast speed and larger-than-life mechs were the name of the game during the recent Second Closed Beta Test for Amazing Seasun’s Mecha BREAK – see what’s to come with our impressions during this period.

Taking control of a mech known as a Striker, players will have a wealth of options at their disposal in Mecha BREAK. Want to pick an all-round Striker? The Alysnes is the one for you. More of a heavy brawler? It might be best to suit up with the Welkin. 

There’s a healthy amount of variety to choose from, and each of the choosable Strikers during this Closed Beta period packs some pep to their step. 

If anything, this comes into play with the amount of boosting and dodging players will have at their disposal. Players can whip out a shield and parry at just the right time, sure. However, the real fun of battle comes from outmaneuvering one’s opponent.

On that note, players will be dashing a fair amount in Mecha BREAK; we ended up zooming from one part to the next as we lent assists and captured nodes. 

There are options for both close-range and long-range combat, with weapons available on a cooldown before reloading. We liked how this encouraged more thoughtful play, although we wished there were a bit more resources to utilize.

While we were unable to try out the Mashmak mode due to an insufficient amount of players, we do look forward to seeing all of this action play out on a bigger scale with the full release – or even a potential Open Beta period.

With a number of Strikers to choose from and a massive playground to enjoy, we’re looking forward to seeing what the full release of Mecha BREAK has in store.

Mecha BREAK – Official Closed Beta Trailer

Players can follow Amazing Seasun on Twitter/X, Instagram, and Facebook social media channels, on top of the official Mecha BREAK website. Players can also wishlist Mecha BREAK through the official Steam page for the game.

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