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How To Understand Elf Language In Dragon’s Dogma 2

Speaking The Elf Language Is Vital For Quests & Trade

If you encounter Elve’s in Dragon’s Dogma 2, you will notice their language is a series of symbols. This is because the elf language is entirely different to the native tongue, and you need to learn to understand it.

There are only small pockets of elves in Dragon’s Dogma 2 but certain side quests do involve dealing with the elf people. The elf settlement also has the expected Blacksmiths and trading spots but even the items you are trying to buy are all listed in the elf language. Trying to navigate menus and make purchasing decisions is challenging, when you don’t speak local.

How To Learn To Speak Elf In Dragon’s Dogma 2

An image showing details on Woodland Wordsmith, a Specialization required to speak elf

This is Akira, he is a Capcom Pawn, an official Pawn put in place to ensure players have allies should other Pawns not be available. If you play close attention to this Pawn’s Specialization, you will see a Specialization called Woodland Wordsmith.

The Woodland Wordsmith Specialization is a unique trait that allows a Pawn to understand the elf language and, in turn, translate that language to the Arisen. This happens fluently, in real-time, and basically just turns all of the previously gibberish-looking elven language into English, making it quick and easy to understand.

Update: You can find the scroll to teach your Pawn Woodland Wordsmith by increasing your friendship with one of the NPC’s at the elf settlement. For example, we gave flowers to the NPC that manages the Inn two days in a row, and you get the scroll

Unfortunately, finding a Pawn with this ability is somewhat random. You will need to make sure you visit any Riftstone’s you discover when exploring the game world, this allows you to search from a wider pool of Pawns.

When you get to a new hub make sure you check the Grand Riftstone in the area as this is the best place to search for specific Pawns.

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